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Ayric – Bidari

Ayric - Bidari

The song “Awakeness”, is the voice of “Woman, Life, Freedom,”.

Ayric, the Iranian artist sings in the song “Awakeness” about the struggle of Iranians for freedom and defending of their identity.

You have also probably heard the voice of protests and the great movement of Iranians all over the world, following the murder of Mahsa Amini in September 2022.

Ayric - Bidari
Ayric – Bidari

He begins with this sentence: In the brutal killing of girls and boys, honorable women and men of my country by the regime of the Islamic Republic. in my land Iran, this fact woke up once again in many Iranians that what this regime is doing is very different from our culture and desire, and it made us come to our senses, make a decision and express our open objection to this open cruelty.

Everyone expressed this protest in a way, some in the streets with shouts, some with protest dances, others with graphics, paintings, etc., and some with singing and music, which played a very prominent role.

Most of us in Iran have lived under the propaganda pressure and brainwashing methods of the Islamic Republic, we have faced duality and contradiction, on one side is the culture of the Iranian family and on the other side there are the methods and laws of the regime.

Laws that are not national and do not follow the interests of Iranians, but are Islamic and seek to protect the interests of the regime.

We have faced severe government controls outside our homes, we have always had two different lifestyles, one at home and the other outside the home, which is under the control of the regime.

Ayric continues: We spend a lot of time answering a lot of “whys”, why do we have to be in a situation that we don’t want? And many other “whys“.

We have lived under the pressure of living in a country under the domination of the ideology of the Islamic Republic and we have always been trying to solve the problems that the existence of the Islamic Republic in the country created for us.

And we have been deprived of the normal rights that the citizens of most middle-level countries have. we have lost our time, life, childhood and youth under the rule of the Islamic Republic.

They have always turned our hopes into disappointment, turned our happiness into sadness and depression, and in all these events, we only needed to wake up, to wake up and see what harm they have done to us and are still doing.

This song is about awakening, about taking back the simplest human rights, about awareness and victory of light over darkness.

I dedicate this song to all the fighters of the path of light.

Hoping for awareness, light and truth.

In the hope of “woman, life, freedom” In a unified Iran under the national flag of Lion and Sun.