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Ayric - آیریک - zendegi zibast (Remix)

The song “Life is beautiful” by Ayric was released.

The song is in persian language and it’s about our perspective on life and the world around us.

The lyrics of “Zendegi zibast” is by Romi and it was composed by Ayric himself, and it was arranged, mixed and mastered at Simon Studio in Rome, Italy.

At this time when we are heavily influenced by social media and bad and good news from all sides, if we don’t take care of ourselves and the way we look at the world around us and the things we deal with.

we drown in great sadness and grief from the events of the world around us, which causes depression and many other problems.

Ayric - zendegi zibast
Ayric – zendegi zibast

“Zendegi zibast” also mentions the same thing that in all these issues, we should see and look towards light, towards hope.

  In the difficulties and pains of life, we should think about liberation and treatment, we should not let the darkness of our world cover our thoughts and minds.

So we should always look for the beauty of life in any situation and open our eyes to this beauty and let it fill us and our life.

This song tells about the daily struggle of us humans, about the choice we have to make every day between happiness and sadness, cheerfulness or depression, seeing deficiencies or on the contrary opportunities, paying attention to the good or instead of the bad, and finally He sings about the choice of the beauties or the ugliness of life.

The choice is ours, let’s see the beauty, life is beautiful.

I dedicate this song to all those who seek the victory of light over darkness and discover the beauty of life.