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Giulia - Ayric - Incontrare te

Incontrare te” or “meet you” (ملاقات با تو)

Ayric sings about peace and loving each other in the song “Incontrare te” (English: Meeting you).

Giulia - Ayric - Incontrare te
Giulia – Ayric – Incontrare te

The artists worked together to create this songs are Giulia briziarelli, Ayric , terus and clement and its released by Top Records & Dingo Music in Italy.

At this time when people immigrate to get a minimal life and in the host country they are faced with unkindness, disgusting behavior and open and hidden racist behavior, the need is felt that people who do cultural and artistic work shout out the voice of these people. hit and tell everyone about the pain of this segment of society.

Ayric - Giulia - Terus - Clement - Italy

As artists who have seen and touched these behaviors, we did not sit quietly and made this song to express these discriminations.

The hope is that every person in the society will look inside himself and if he does such behavior willingly or unwillingly, he will make a better decision, make a change and start the right behavior with his own kind.

We are all human and we all have the right to live and enjoy our lives

And we can make the world around us better with each other’s help

The song bears witness to those values of humanity that today more than ever should flow in people’s hearts, it is a message that would like to awaken people’s voices, to remind them that one can only live authentically by putting one’s heart before personal and economic interests. Here the simple and linear pop guise of the song was used to enhance the authenticity of the feelings present in the single “Incontrare te”.

I hope you enjoy this song.