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Ayric is an Iranian Singer, songwriter and musician, He was born in Tehran in June 17 1987.
He was interested in music and started playing

the guitar and singing when he was 15 years old He studied and developed in the field of composing, arranging music and singing

He went on to compose and arrange several songs for various artists and started to work in recording studio and worked with many professional narrators, musicians and singers And he continued to making theater music.

In 2017 Ayric graduated from Tehran Music Conservatory in the field of composition

In 2019, he worked and sang on the song “Incontrare te” with the Italian singer Giulia Briziarelli and Terus and Clement from Nigeria in Italian and English.

In 2022, Ayric released the song “Zendegi zibast (Life is Beautiful)”.

In all these years, he performed music in Iran, Germany and Italy. Ayric is working on writing and producing new musics and progressing in his music career.



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